New Years Eve in Key West | Sailing Zingaro – Episode 2

I sailed solo for 7 days, rounding the western Cape of Cuba, and sat on the concrete in a plaza for 6+ hours to upload this. Enjoy!

We continue where we left off: I broke the rudder, as well as my macbook, autopilot, and phone. Everything gets fixed in this episode (except my iPhone, I’m going to throw that in the drink, watch for that video!). I go diving with friends, meet up with 2 crew members who are going to Cuba with me, and we sail down to Key West, Fl for new years eve!


How-to: Build a hardtop bimini on your sailboat

The hardest, and best addition during the refit. THE hardtop vid. I couldn’t find anything like this while I needed it, so I hope it helps someone. Love, peace, and fair winds. 😉

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How-to: Paint nonskid on your boat’s decks

In this video I take you through the necessary steps to paint the nonskid on your boat. This is very important so you or your guests don’t slip. Especially important if you’re going offshore.

One thing I didn’t mention is after everything was dry I gave it one last protective coat of paint over the sharkskin. Hope this helps someone!


Solo sailing to the keys & the 6 minute refit | Sailing Zingaro Episode 1

Finally done with the first episode! Super exited to share this. Flew from Hawaii to Ft Myers, Florida to look at a catamaran, and ended up living there for 2 months while refitting and getting her ready for sea. It was tough, and a great learning experience. I’ve video-documented much of the process, and will be putting out detailed how-to videos, maybe they will help someone in their journey.

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The to do list …

Well, it’s been 4 days of happy boat ownership so far. There’s something that happens to everyone when they get a boat – it starts off as euphoric; “I found the boat of my dreams!” After a bit of time the initial novelty wears off and you start noticing things you really didn’t notice before (it’s impossible to know every nuance in the few days you spend with her initially). You start to see the flaws and making a list of how you’d like to fix them … Continue reading “The to do list …”